The Eurofighter Typhoon is the world’s most powerful and reliable swing-role combat aircraft, built on the strength of four European nations – UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, and their leading aerospace and defence companies. The only fighter available on the market able to offer such wide-ranging operational capabilities, Typhoon combines airframe performance, an advanced human-machine-interface, powerful engines and ground-breaking sensing and defensive technologies to give pilots the edge in today’s competitive digital battlefield.

The EuroDASS consortium, led by Leonardo in the UK and incorporating Elettronica (Italy), Hensoldt (Germany) and Indra (Spain), provides the Praetorian Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS) for Typhoon, ensuring its protection from a wide range of advanced threats. As an integrated system, Praetorian greatly enhances Typhoon’s survivability, allowing freedom of action even in contested theatres. The system has protected crews for over 20 years, including on peace-keeping operations in Libya and Syria.

Praetorian comprises a comprehensive suite of Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and missile warning. It provides protection against air-to-air and surface-to-air threats by monitoring and proactively responding to the operational environment, detecting and evaluating threats and initiating appropriate countermeasures at maximum range. Praetorian integrates with the remaining elements of the Typhoon Defensive Aids System (DAS), namely the Defensive Aids Computer (DAC) and the Chaff and Flare Counter Measures Dispensing System (CMDS), to ensure end-to-end protection.