Eurofighter and NETMA sign Quadriga contract for new Eurofighter Typhoons

Eurofighter GmbH and NETMA today signed the Quadriga contracts that will support the continued modernisation of the German Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon fleet.

The contract is for the delivery of 38 new Typhoon Quadriga aircraft to replace Tranche 1 versions currently in service. The new aircraft will be equipped with the world’s latest electronic radar, future-proof hardware, software, and an even broader multi-role capability for engaging air and ground targets. With a service life well beyond 2060, its technical capabilities will allow full integration into the Europe’s future air combat environment.

The renewed order from Germany comes at a strategically important time for the programme as future campaign decisions are expected to be made throughout 2021 in Spain, Switzerland and Finland.

Miguel Ángel Martín Pérez, General Manager, NETMA, said: 3Quadriga comes at a strategic moment for everyone involved. First of all, it will reinforce the air defence not only of the German Air Force but also within the NATO environment and secondly, it underpins the possibilities of the programme to succeed in further export opportunities. Finally, it will also support the European aerospace industry and it is a very important step towards building a bridge to the future fighter programmes of our core nations.”

Herman Claesen, Chief Executive Officer, Eurofighter GmbH, said: “Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. The product of the teamwork that has taken place over the past year is what we see here today.’ ‘With ESCAN and Quadriga contracts secured, we are significantly enhancing the operational capabilities of Typhoon for decades to come.”

EuroDASS Commentary
The official signing of the Quadriga Contract between NETMA and Eurofighter is significant and welcome news for EuroDASS. The order was awarded to BAE Systems by Eurofighter, the consortium which represents the core nations’ industrial partners comprising Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo on November 12th.  EuroDASS will receive the DASS order flow-down in due course, providing a timely boost for the EuroDASS Consortium partner companies, increasing the forward looking order book for DASS production.

(Source: Eurofighter GmbH; issued Nov. 11, 2020)