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ELT Group, as a European leader in Defence & Security, has been on the cutting-edge of Electronic Warfare for over 70 years, supplying Armed Forces and Governments of 30 Countries with more than 3000 high technology systems.

ELT’s systems are deployed for a variety of key operational missions, from Strategic Surveillance, to Self Protection, Sigint, Electronic defence and Operational Support for airborne, naval and ground applications. ELT Group boasts a strong record of successful domestic and international collaborations on all the key modern military platforms such as the Italian PPA, the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, the NFH-90 helicopter, the Italian and French ship class Horizon and FREMM, and a wide range of projects in the Middle East and Asia.

The Group’s investee partners are CY4GATE, which addresses today’s emerging and evolving needs in cyber domain, and E4LIFE, an Itlian Biodefence company.